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Steve Johnson: I've been a speedway fan for as long as I can remember, and a bit longer. I was a regular at Dudley Wood through all of the 80s and 90s and was a season ticket holder for the last few seasons. I have since moved to Sheffield, staying in South Yorkshire after completing my university degree. I'm now working as a primary school teacher and living on the south side of the city. I'm responsible for keeping the site up to date with latest news and match reports, including all the club CH section. Since designing the initial framework for the site and writing most of the html I now generally cover all the technical aspects of the maintenance too. Also usually behind all the additional features such as the editorial & the quiz. I took on the role of press officer for club ch in 2001 and I'm also involved with the friends of speedway organisation and their production of the voice of the supporter fanzine.

Phil Johnson: I'm Steve's Dad. My first experience of speedway was at Cradley in the 50's and only missed about ten home meetings from 1960 until the closure in 1996. I have always lived in Cradley Heath so I suppose I am also a 'local resident'. An avid collector of all things Cradley, my aim is to collect all home and away programmes from 1960 to date; also have a full collection of Speedway Stars from 1964 which come in handy for research purposes. Currently working on a unique database designed by Steve to contain the results of all Cradley matches from 1947 - quite a task! The database is the source of most web site stats, so my main responsibilities therefore include supplying the relevant research details for the site and constructing the basis of the club history section, rider profiles and reports of matches to remember. I also maintain and the links page, keeping it up to date with the rapidly increasing speedway sites on the web.

Credits & Thank Yous

Thanks to all these people for their help along the way ...

... Tracksider (the man to ask for all things Cradley Speedway) ... Bob Edwards (for help with the latest news from CRASH) ... John Hipkiss (for kind permission to reproduce many Cradley photographs) ... Ian Shelton (Enock) ... Nigel Nicklin ... Les Pottinger ... Lee Morris ... Nigel Pearson ... Speedway Star Magazine ... Tim Wilde ... Andy Machin ... Steve 'Lefty' Wright ...

Thanks also to all the regular contributors to the fans forum, to all the people who have provided photographs, memories, rider profiles or other info, and to everyone who has visited over the years. The emails and the feedback we receive makes it all so much more worthwhile. Hope that everyone enjoys reading the whole site as much as we enjoy producing it!

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