Club History 1947-2014

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1947 The First Team at Dudley Wood
1948 Second Place in the Second Season


The 'Heathens' Take on Division 2
1950 Hunt Bows Out & Heathens Lift Cup
1951 Central Shield Victory but Decline Begins
1952 Gates Closed on Dudley Wood
1953-58No Speedway at Dudley Wood
1959 Speedway's Back For One Night Only!
1960 The Re-Opening at Dudley Wood
1961 The First PL KO Cup Victory
1962 A Disappointing Year
1963 Heading Back in the Right Direction
1964 Cup Slip and League Slump
1965 Life Gets Tough in the Top Flight
1966 A Tragic Season
1967 Misery Continues - Only Way is Up!
1968 Inconsistent and Unpredictable: It's Progress!
1969 Team Transformed by the Super Swede
1970 Bernie Shines in Bleak Season
1971 KO Cup Final Defeat By Hackney
1972 Bernt Persson Second in the World


United We Fall.. to Rock Bottom
1974 Bernie Out and Boulger In
1975 A Season of Underachievement
1976 Mid-Table Stabilisation
1977 McCormick Starts the Ultimate Revolution
1978 Glamour Signings Raise League Position
1979 First Major Trophy - The KO Cup
1980 Into the Golden 80's Years
1981 League Champions and World Champion
1982 Cup Double & League Runners-Up
1983 The Best Speedway Team - Ever?
1984 Team Dismantled but Gunder Steps Up
1985 Mediocre Heathens but Erik Conquers All
1986 Shared Cup & Second All-Round
1987 Deja Vu - Cup & Runners Up!
1988 Knock Out Cup - Record Third in a Row
1989 Yet Another KO Cup Victory, "For Erik"
1990 The New American Revolution
1991 Jan O's Year - Another World Champ!
1992 Injury Ravaged 4th Place & Cup Semi Final
1993 Decimated By Injuries - Again
1994 Fab Four Not Enough for Cups Silverware
1995 Fours Victory but Farewell to Dudley Wood
1996 Heathens at Stoke: End of Another Era
1999 Supporters form Club CH
2000 Club CH continues and Bill gets a testimonial
2001 Other clubs welcome our crowds
2002 Club CH disband but supporters carry on.
2003 Supporters Club continues
2004 Supporters Club continues
2005 Supporters Club continues
2006 Supporters Club continues
2007 Supporters Club continues
2008 New supporters club HSSC takes over
2009 New club gives a boost for fans.
2010 A new era - Dudley Heathens!
2011 Heathens move to Monmore Wood!
2012 So close for the league title
2013 Yes! Heathens win the lot!!!!
2014 It's Cradley Heathens at Monmore
2015 It's back to Perry Barr for the Heathens!
2016 Back to Monmore Wood Again
2017 A Disappointing Year by Cradley Standards
2018 National Trophy only to keep the Heathens on track
2019 Back into the National League
1957 - 2009 Alan Hunt Memorial Trophy

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