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The HSST Interim Board are delighted to read the press release regarding the possibility of the Heathens returning to Monmore Green in 2016.
We sincerely hope this possible good news will be confirmed soon.
The TRUST look forward to the possibility of supporting our Promotion in it’s AIM of securing a permanent home for The Heathens back home in the Black Country.



Last night our members were asked to vote on what they felt was the best course of action for the TRUST to take given the uncertain future of the Club.

As a result of the vote the TRUST will not be actively pursuing the possible purchase of Cradley Heath Speedway immediately. But, we will continue to work tirelessly to secure the long term future of our Club. If no one purchases the Club immediately we want to put ourselves in a po...sition where we are able to do so ASAP. To do this we will need the support of all Cradley fans. The Aims of the TRUST remain the same, which is to find a permanent home for Cradley Heath Speedway back in the Black Country.

Thank you to all our members for attending last night. A more detailed account will be sent out to our membership within the next 24 hours.



The interim Board of Heathens speedway supporters Trust are delighted to announce the Financial Conduct Authority has approved the application to register the organisation. Cradley Heath speedway Supporters Society Ltd (T/A Heathens Speedway Supporters Trust) is now a reality and can begin activity including raising funds towards its aims.

We will release further information in due course to ensure fans are fully informed.
Efforts now turn to the official launch event at the Ex Servicemans Club, Spring Meadow, Old Hill on September 19th which will be an all day and evening event, please look out for further details in local media.

If anyone wishes to contact us regarding Trust matters or sponsorship please do so via our e-mail:

See Supporters Direct website:- here



Heathens supporters will be putting their speedway knowledge on the line this evening when HSSC host 'A Question of Speedway' at Cradley Heath Liberal Club.
Several Heathens personalities are now expected to be in attendance for the event, which takes place at 8.30pm following the supporters club AGM. Alan Grahame, Adam Roynon, Colin Pratt, Bruce Cribb, Will Pottinger and Mark Robinson are all confirmed.
Entrance is 2 for non-members or free for HSSC members who are attending the prior meeting.



Cradley Speedway fans have the chance to put their knowledge to the test later this month when the Heathens Supporters Club present ‘A Question of Speedway’.

Based on the popular TV show, A Question of Sport, the speedway-version of the quiz will be held at Cradley Heath Liberal Club on Wednesday 18 February. Several former Heathens riders are expected to be in attendance or taking part, with names soon to be confirmed.

The event will follow the HSSC AGM, which takes place earlier in the evening, and all existing members should have received notification of this meeting by now. Admission to the quiz will be free to all HSSC members. Any other supporters wishing to attend ‘A Question of Speedway’ should arrive from 8pm for an 8:30pm start. Admission is 2 for non-members, which will include membership of the supporters club for the forthcoming year.



Heathens Speedway Supporters Club has linked up with Co-operative Energy in a fundraising deal which could also save supporters money on home fuel bills.

The energy company have launched a new tariff called ‘Fair and Square March 2016’ with potential savings for Cradley supporters on gas and electricity costs.

A free 5 voucher, redeemable in any co-operative store or other business, is available for any supporter getting a quote for gas and electricity from Co-op Energy. If you decide to switch your gas and electricity provider, you will receive a further 25 worth of vouchers with the supporters club also benefitting.

The supporters club are forging ahead with plans to become speedway’s first Supporters Trust and are keen to create links with local business and community groups. The Co-operative, whose call centre is based in the Black Country in Walsall, are equally keen to support and help local people get the best deal.

To compare your current energy costs, visit or quote ‘sports’ when calling to switch.




Cradley Heathens fans are putting forward proposals to form the first ever Supporters Trust in the sport of speedway in a bid to help the famous club.


With plans now in place to keep the Cradley team racing on track in 2015, using Perry Barr as a home venue, the renowned Heathens fans have been galvanised into trying to secure the long term future of the club. Following several recent preliminary meetings, the current Cradley Heath supporters groups have agreed to merge into one organisation in order to strengthen all future backing.


The ultimate intention is to form a Supporters’ Trust, along the lines of many football and rugby clubs, under the umbrella administration of ‘Supporters Direct’. Individual trusts exist as formal, democratic and not-for-profit organisations of fans who attempt to strengthen the influence and assistance of the running of the club they support. Around 150 supporters’ trusts are now in operation in the UK, the majority of which are affiliated to football clubs, while the Heathens proposal would see the Black Country fans form the first ever of its kind in speedway.

An open public meeting has now been arranged for Tuesday 9th December (7:30pm) at Cradley Heath Liberal Club where all fans are invited to hear from the Trust Steering Committee. A question and answer session will take place as well as a vote on the proposals.



Cradley’s supporters club, HSSC (Heathens Speedway Supporters Club), last night outlined new proposals to resurrect the organisation after a year off, with ambitious plans in both the long and short term.

An EGM was held at Cradley Heath Liberal Club where the existing HSSC committee were joined by an additional working party of fans to discuss strategies for moving the club forward. Chairman, Andy Minshall, explained the reasons why the hard-working committee had felt the need for a sabbatical during 2014, before adding that the shock news about losing the use of Monmore Green stadium for racing had galvanised supporters once again. Prior to last night’s meeting of HSSC members, initial discussions were held with the Heathens promotion and management to seek approval and support. A willingness to work together was established which has opened the door for the next stage of meetings.

The main points are as follows:

Short Term Aims:

- Support the management and make 2015 a success at Perry Barr

- Assist and ensure that Perry Barr is ready for the 2015 season

- Assist on racenights (should it be required) for example turnstyle operatives, programme sellers,

- Continue to help promote the club at various external events

- Continue to organise fund-raising activities including the 50/50 raffle

- Assist with organisation of coach travel to Perry Barr and away venues

Long Term Aims:

- A further goal was the proposal to turn HSSC into a supporters trust, following in the footsteps of several high-profile football supporters clubs. It is believed that such a move would create greater recognition and improve the chance of supporting the club towards the return to a permanent home in the local area. The committee and working party acknowledged that a lot of work would be ahead to make such a dream into a reality and that the first steps would be to gain the backing of all fans in order to make the project a success. Every Heathens fan can play a part in helping to make it happen. There are various requirements and conditions of Supporters Direct to be met in order to gain Trust status. This may then allow funds to be raised which could be used for a share of a piece of land, ensuring the club has a secure long term legacy for years to come.

- The club also wish to emphasise the crucial work of supporting the local community, including the Ollie Ommer Club for kids.

Concluding the meeting, a unanimous vote was held which supported the working party and current committee in continuing the outlined proposals. A further behind closed-doors meeting will now be held next Tuesday where all interested parties are invited to discuss the next steps.

An open meeting will then be held for all supporters will be held at Cradley Heath Liberal Club on 9th December at 7:30pm and all fans are encouraged to attend on this night. This will provide an opportunity for further explanation of how a Trust is organised and the club emphasise the belief that this idea will work if everyone plays their part in contributing.


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