Individual Meetings

Golden Hammer


Introduced by Dan McCormick in 1977 and first sponsored by the Daily Mirror this quickly became one of the plum meetings in the speedway calendar.

Alan Hunt Memorial Trophy


The first Alan Hunt Memorial Trophy was held at Durban S.A. in 1957 two weeks after his death in Johannesburg.
Birmingham took the Memorial Trophy in 1960 then Cradley held the meeting from 1963 until 1972, it switched between SA and Birmingham in the UK from 1972 until 2009.

Ivor Hughes Memorial Trophy


The Ivor Hughes Trophy was actually only competed for on one occasion 14th October  1972 but the Trophy was awarded to various  riders right up to 2010.
The first recipient in 1967 was Ken Wakefield,
The latest rider to recieve the cup was Tom Perry (Dudley Heathens) 2010

L.P Transport Trophy


L.P.Trophy - Les Pottinger, great friend of the Heathens sponsored the meeting from 1971 - 1976.
Les later became one of the promoters of Cradley and his grandson team manager of the Dudley Heathens

Watney Mann Trophy

The Watney Mann Trophy programme always had an aerial photo of Dudley Wood Stadium on the cover.
.....and didn't it look good!


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