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Season Review


Not so much of a season review here as it was just one meeting - a Cavalcade of Speed on 29th August 1959.
This was a 'pirate' meeting arranged by Fred & Morris Jephcott (Morris Jephcott is seen here on the right) in association with Mike Parker and Jess Halliday who at the time was trying to form a new League - The Provincial League.
It consisted of twelve heats of speedway in the form of a Challenge Match billed as Midlanders v Bradford though all the riders appeared to be Northern riders attached to Parker and Halliday. There were also five heats of sidecars and seven heats of speedcars.

No one really seems to know the correct result of the match (we have it at 35-35) because apparently some riders rode for both teams! It didn't really matter either because Dudley Wood had it's first taste of speedway for seven years and it was successful with a large crowd in attendance.


For the record the programmed teams were:

Midlanders 1. R.Day 2.T.Barnard 3.T.Toll 4.S.Holey 5.A.Forrest 6.V.Lonsdale 7.T.Cooper
  Bradford 1.D.Gerrard 2.D.Skyner 3.R.Peacock 4.T.Connor 5.A.Rowe 6.S.Dewhurst 7.N.Murray

Following this meeting and throughout the winter of 1959 a training school was set-up to form a team for the following year's Provincial League. This was run by Phil Malpass who also became team manager.

The programme from the meeting is now a huge collectors item.

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