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About The Editorial

'The Editorial' was conceived in August 1999. It is a unique column written solely for the web site. It provides a platform for any news, gossip and general chit-chat which doesn't really fit in elsewhere.
It also gives the opportunity to bring together everything thats going on with the Heathens, and also whats new and whats happening on the web site.
The aim is to provide an interesting light-hearted read, with links to other interesting pages, rumours 'from the terraces', and a commentary on the current issues surrounding the club and the sport in general.
The Editorial article is changed infrequently, depending on current events and how busy I am at the time! The opinions expressed are the sole responsibility of the author, and are not in any way connected to the views of Cradley Heath Speedway or any other individual or organisation.
Previous articles remain on-line and are all listed below in reverse chronological order. Many make very interesting reading looking back, and a taster is indicated by the article titles or summaries in brackets.

Previous Editorial Articles:

No.22: 28th March 2002 .. (Season Preview 2002)
No.21: 12th January 2002 .. (The Document That Condemns Dudley Wood)
No.20: 1st September 2001 .. (A Darn Site Better)
No.19: 19th May 2001 .. (All Things Cradley )
No.18: 10th April 2001 .. (Ready for the Off)
No.17: 17th March 2001 .. (We're Not Alone: Plight of the Nomads!)
No.16: 20th February 2001 .. (Stadiums and Houses)
No.15: 14th January 2001 .. (Search for Historical Information)
No.14: 10th December 2000 .. (A Path of Constructive Action)
No.13: 30th November 2000 .. (Editorial News & Views)
No.12: 22nd October 2000 .. (Dudley Wood Parallels at Long Eaton)
No.11: 17th September 2000 .. (MPs Talk Speedway!)
No.10: 14th August 2000 .. (News & Views - Round Up)
No.9: 11th July 2000 .. (Dudley Wood - The Next Step)
No.8: 5th June 2000 .. (Heathens v Barratts again!)
No.7: 14th April 2000 .. (Diary of a Cradley Fan (1996-2000))
No.6: 11th March 2000 .. (Dudley Wood: "Still no end in Site")
No.5: 13th February 2000 .. (comment on Club Cradley Heath)
No.4: 14th January 2000 .. (feedback, site changes & rider assets)
No.3: 7th November 99 .. (riders reunion & season reflections)
No.2: 4th October 99 .. (news, sky sports & black country links)
No.1: 23rd August 99 .. (Dudley Wood, Penhall links & Club CH)

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