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Welcome to this new page for 2001. Photographs can sometimes be a problem on a web site like this where copyright is an important issue. However, when the photos come from fellow supporters who are happy to have them reproduced, then where better for them to be shared with the world! Click on the links list to scroll down to the snaps of your choice.
-Photo's from John Hingley - Billy & Greg's first visit to 'The Wood'
-Photo's from the 70's from Keith Lawson
-The NEW Heathens Supporters Club at Belle Vue
- The Flag - Billy opening the new Tesco in Cradley Heath
- The Missing Signs;
- Cradley fans' tribute to Rocketman;
- Fan Power Reaches New Heights!;
  - 4TT Victory at Peterborough 1995;
- Lee Morris reminds us of Dudley Wood in the 70s;
- Matt Jones captures Dudley Wood in the snow (January 2001);
- Erik shows off his jar of Cradley Shale to Nigel Pearson.
- Steve Bastable with Nigel Pearson in Barbados

- Baby Greg - the Youngest Heathen?;

These photo's from John Hingley.  John was a pits marshal at Dudley Wood for many years, he was fortunate to be there on Greg and Billy's first visit to t 'The Wood' and also on Billy's last visit when he stayed at the Victoria Inn when he came for his farewell meeting.



These photo's from Oxford photographer Keith Lawson (click on the thumbnails for the big picture! maybe you are in the crowd if you were at Dudley Wood in the mid 70's

Our thanks to Keith Lawson for letting us use the photo's


A couple of photo's from Nigel Pearson - Erik showing Nigel his jar of Dudley Wood shale - bless him...

This one of Nigel with Steve Bastable in Barbados..Thanks Nigel.

click the picture for a larger copy.

The new Heathens Supporters Club on their first outing to Belle Vue - where Charlie Gjedde represented Cradley at the Aces 80th anniversary celebrations.

- The first picture shows the 'old CH', back on the rostrum where it belongs thanks to 'our', representative Charlie Gjedde - he finished third.
- Flying the flag for the Heathens - Paul, Simon, Gezza, Charlie Gjedde, Pos, Anita,& Tania
- Pos and Simon getting a little bit close!

 Also from Belle Vue:-               The Cradley fans & Charlie Gjedde in the Heathens colours beating Scott Nicholls.

 courtesy of the Aces website and Paul Partridge


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A couple of photo's from some time ago, thanks to Paul Partridge for the flag at Cardiff and to Bob Edwards for the photo
of Billy opening the new Cradley Heath Tesco.

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THE MISSING SIGNS: There has been some recent Fans Forum debate about the road signs which used to point the way to Dudley Wood Stadium. One of these was presented to a Cradley supporter who wrote to Dudley Council with his request for the unusual piece of memorabilia. Without realising the council's generous stance on the issue, another Heathens fan took it upon himself to rescue another sign from the corner of Cradley Road and Saltwells Road, opposite the Golden Cross Pub. Without wishing to be identified, here's the proof, and incidentally, there are currently still two grey posts that held the sign. So, do you know about any more 'Cradley Heath Stadium' signs, or do you have some other interesting memento from the stadium itself!? Let us know!

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LIVING IN A BOX?: The Fans Forum's much-discussed tribute to Rye House mascot 'Rocketman' by the Cradley fans who travelled to Hoddesdon in August 2001. One of the most unusual looking mascots in any sport, the jug-eared costume head of Rocketman seems like nothing more than a big cardboard box. So thats what all self-respecting Heathens fans were wearing on the terraces. By pure coincidence, the man underneath the attire had just been 'sacked' by the (wife of the) ungrateful Rye House promotion, and hence the event turned into a crazy protest and march around the track perimeter. You'll not see a sight like this following either of the inferior, second-rate Midlands teams! Photos forwarded by Ian 'Fat Beckham' Jewkes.


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FAN POWER: A Cradley team has been kept on track for the last two years due to the power of the Heathens fans behind the scenes, but this photo takes the term to new heights! Supporters following Club CH to Kings Lynn earlier this year prove we really are the Man United of Speedway with not just one but five ringers in the team photo... and no sign of any actual riders!
L to R: Simon, Matt J, Butch, Dave & Grant.


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YOUNGEST HEATHEN: Darren Postin sends us the first pictures of his baby son Greg, born this year [2001] - no prizes for guessing who he's named after! Darren says his wife was less keen on 'Billy'. Anyway, Darren lays baby Greg's claim to being the youngest Heathens fan and here he is already wrapped in customary Cradley attire.

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JUST FOUR FUN: 1995: Hamill, Hancock, Crossi & the Scud. Last race in the 4TT Final: Peterborough, Bradford and Cradley all level on 18 points each. Winner takes all. Billy Hamill had the task of securing the single remaining trophy that had previously eluded the Heathens grasp. No sooner had he crossed the line in first place did the massive band of travelling fans invade the track and go crazy with delight. The scenes that followed included a march round the circuit with the famous flag, a ride on the almost-collapsing parade vehicle and a raucous background to the rostrum presentations. Here's the pictures to re-live it.


Photos courtesy of John Westwood (in the wig on the left hand picture!)

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BACK IN THE 70's: Take yourself back to the era of Bernie Persson and Johnny Boulger (if you're old enough) and remember what it was like standing on the Dudley Wood terraces when Slade and T-Rex topped the charts! "These pics of a scruffy little Black Country boy suitably show how Dudley Wood once was", says Lee; "Taken on a Saturday morning in the early to mid 70's, I had just walked from Brierley Hill with a family friend."

Photos courtesy of Lee Morris, Brisbane, Australia.

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ALL WHITE NOW!: How about these for a set of recent Dudley Wood shots. Theres the long awaited "Snowman in Cradley scarf" classic, as well as some rather picturesque visions of such a sad site. [January 2001]



Photos courtesy of Matt Jones; Some of this set has now been removed to save file space.

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Thats all for now. We would welcome any Cradley Speedway related photos which you have taken yourselves.
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