Greatest Ever Heathen

Final list (top five):
Bernt Persson ... 26%
Bruce Penhall ... 20%
Billy Hamill ... 7%
Ivor Brown ... 6%

The first experimental web site poll has run for several weeks in order to find the site visitors opinion on the Greatest Ever Heathens rider.
To keep the number of riders to a minimum on the poll, a shortlist of 9 was drawn up which comprised Billy Hamill, Greg Hancock, Jan O.Pedersen, Erik Gundersen, Alan Grahame, Bruce Penhall, Bernt Persson, Ivor Brown & Alan Hunt. All eras of the Heathens are represented although a natural bias is towards the successful periods of the modern teams.
A further category labelled "Other" received only two votes, of which I believe one or both were for Simon Cross.

And so to the results, and the winner - as many will have expected - is the great ERIK GUNDERSEN. Erik polled 28% of the total votes and led the race for almost the entire voting period. The rolling results showed Bruce Penhall as an earlier challenger for the title, but in the end Bruce polled 20% which left him in third place. Runners-up spot went to Bernie Persson with 26% including a last ditch run-in that nearly saw him claim the victory!

Just outside the 'rostrum' positions were Billy Hamill with 7% who received a handful of extra votes in the week following his testimonial meeting; Ivor Brown who received a steady 6%; and Jan O.Pedersen who polled just over 4%

The poll was quite a success and sparked some interesting discussion both on and off-line! The top three, in the end, were as one would expect. Although this is not meant to be a complete picture, the view of the web visitors seems like it could be pretty representative of the rest of the Cradley faithful.
Look out for further polls in the future, and if you have any suggestions for any similar topics that could be put to the vote, I'm open to ideas!

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