L.P Transport Trophy

The L.P Trophy was run from 1971 to 1976 with the exception of 1974 having 3 individual meetings and 2 Pairs.
L.P. was Les Pottinger - Great friend of Cradley Speedway and later to become one of the promoters, his transport company sponsored the meetings. A one off, top scorers race decided the Trophy in 2013 following the Dudley Heathens v Wolves match

1971 Ivan Mauger 15 Bernt Persson 13 Bengt Jansson 12
1972 Bengt Jansson 14/Barry Thomas 12 Bernt Persson 17/Bob Andrews 6 George Hunter 11/Jim McMillan 12
1973 B. Persson 13/Howard Cole 13 Christer Lofqvist 12/Odd Fossengen 12 Anders Michanek 17/Geoff Curtis 4
1975 Malcolm Simmons 14 John Boulger 13 Bernt Persson 13
1976 Malcolm Simmons 15 Bruce Cribb 12 Zenon Plech 12
2013 Lewis Blackbird Paul Starke Robert Branford


1971 Winner Ivan Mauger 1972 Bengt Jansson/Barry Thomas Bernt Persson/Howard Cole 1975/1976 Malcolm Simmons

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