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Ommering Around Episode 11 by Keith Burrows

2007  EL Season Preview

Lakeside@ Arena Essex
New owners  and a couple of new signings, lack top end strength but a much better looking team than last year. Will be very difficult to beat around the tricky Arena circuit,  should have a good year, super progress from one of my joke teams last year.
Just outside the play-offs

Belle Vue
A major problem to replace World Champion Jason Crump and they have failed really. Loosing Bjerre to Peterborough was also a blow. Through no real fault of their own will be a joke team this year. Donít think that they will pick up a point away from Kirky Lane, and will struggle they unless they strengthen. Bottom of the League.

No change from last year, to be successful they need  Allen, Schlien, Harris Risager and Smolinski to improve, whilst Janniro and Nicholls maintain last years form and they could be very good, Play-offs again.

An interesting mix of youth and experience. A lot will depend on Bridgers improvement and Norris returning to his 2005 form. Will again be difficult to beat at Arlington, Iíll go for mid table.

Trying to pick up another foreign success this year after the super start to his witches career for Miskowiak. Mid table at best as Louis and Loram begin to slide.

Look a solid side this year, reserves look to me to be the best in the league. Much will depend on how Ales Dryml returns, following last years horrific crash at Sandy Lane. Mid  to lower table  for me.

Defending Champions, who will put up a good defence, I like the look of Richard Hall and he should continue to improve, Andersen is an out an out number one, however NKI tends to disappoint me when I see him. Bjerre needs a good season following his move Ďhomeí. Play-offs

All change at  Wimbourne Road after last years pathetic efforts. Have sacked the seemingly ever absent (if entertaining) Lindback, and have only retained Bjarne Pedersen and veteran Craig Boyce from last years disappointing squad.
Have by far the strongest top 2 in the league, but I cant see the back up boys doing enough, the Darkin signing is interesting but  he may be absent more than Antonio was last year! Mid  to top table.


Should have won the league last year but didnít. Much will depend on the improvement of Zagar, Simota, and Kolodziej, and how Bird adapts to the Elite League. Play-offs

My favorites for the title, super run last year after the first 10 matches, have strengthened and surely Lee Richardson cannot get a sub 7 average again?
Gjedde remains suspect for me when the real pressure is on, but this is by some distance the best Top 5 in the league. Champions.

Another competitive team has been put together at the kennel
Interesting signing of Pjiper but the weak links will be Magnus Karlsson, and the second reserve, who will be either Lawson or Wilkinson. Mid to top table.

So Iíve got  Peterborough, Swindon, Reading and Coventry in the Play-offs with Belle Vue and Ipswich at the bottom the rest are in mid table. Its quiet surprising that last years play-off competitors  seem to be the best 4 again this year and the law of averages would say that that wont happen, however thatís what Iíll go for in this preview.

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‘Ommer Um Cradley!

Keith Burrows

12th March 2007

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