Harry McGurk

Full name: Harold  McGurk
Birthplace: Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK
Birthdate:  4th March 2004
Nickname: 'Harry'



Career Record with Cradley

Statistics taken from the Cradley Speedway Database
includes ALL matches

Year Mat Rid Poi  Bon Total Aver
2019 19 91 67 17 84 3.69





Harry was one of the first signings for the 2019 team when he was just 15 years old to have a place in the 2019 National League.  He was a product of the No Limits training team with Rory Schlein looked over by Tai Woffinden in 2018 and during the early spring of 2019.
It was a big learning curve for Harry but he took it well and I'm sure he learned a lot. He scored in all his matches for Cradley with his best score against Plymouth when he gained a creditable 9 points. With five points against the Isle of Wight home and away he was looking good - it was to be the end of July when his next 5 points came with 2 bonus points too.  Another 5 points against Kent and two four point scores versus Belle Vue I'm sure gave him the opportunity to get his place in the Belle Vue Colts side in 2020. We wish Harry well with his new team.



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