Jack Biggs




Full name:
Jack Edward Biggs
Birthplace:  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
21st March 1922


Career record with Cradley
Year Mat Rid Poi Bon Total Aver
1967 14 57 72 0 72 5.05

[Statistics taken from the Cradley Speedway database includes ALL matches]


World Finalist 1950(16th), 1951(3rd),1953(16th), 1954(9th)
reserve 1956,1957
Capped 39 times for Australia
National Trophy winners medal 1952


Jack first came to Britain from Australia at the age of 25. He came here on the advice of Vic Duggan from his home in Melbourne. He joined Harringay in 1947 and stayed for the 1948 season before joining Bradford for two years 1949/1950.
He then went back to Harringay for another four years. It was while he was with Harringay that Jack had his best moment, leading the World Final at Wembley in 1951 after four rides he finished last in his final race and ended up in a run-off for the championship with Jack Young and Split Waterman again he finished last, but going into that last race he was just one point away from being World Champion.
Jack went on for a very long career to join many other teams including West Ham, Poole, Oxford, Ipswich, Coventry and Newport before making the move to Cradley in 1967.
In his short stay with the Heathens he had moderate success ending with an average of over 5 points per match from 14 matches between 24th March and 23rd May.
After leaving Cradley he went to Hackney for four seasons before retiring in 1970.
His best score with the Heathens was against Newport at Dudley Wood with a score of 13+1 from 5 rides.


Jack sadly passed away on 8th December 1972 following an on track accident at Bendigo's Golden City Speedway in a three lap scratch race. He was 50 years old.

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