Paul Bosley



Full name: 
Paul Bosley
London, England
21st February 1962



Career record with Cradley
Year Mat Rid Poi Bon Total Aver
1980 15 34 3 1 4 0.47

Paul made one appearance on 18th October 1985 this was a 4 Team Event at Hackney and we believe he was track reserve at Hackney on this date. He had two rides for 2 points.



Paul wanted to be a speedway rider from the age of 8 when his hero was Ronnie Moore at Wimbledon.
He started by helping Gordon Kennett as a mechanic and bought his first bike from Gordon in 1979.
After falling out with Eastbourne he joined Cradley who loaned him out to Dan McCormick's sister track Nottingham. Paul was plunged into the Cradley side on 28th June 1980 and quickly found the going tough to say the least.  He was used again in August for a run of 14 appearances initially replacing Craig Featherby.
Paul really struggled, in fact it was 11 meetings before he scored a point. This was at Eastbourne on 28th September 1980. The Heathens team responded by giving him the bumps!
In his next match, at Dudley Wood v Halifax on 4th October he fell in his first ride and withdrew from the meeting.
He finished the season but was to make only one more appearance - in 1985 at Hackney in a 4TT. We believe he was Hackney track reserve for this meeting.
Paul went on to Crayford from 1981 - 1983 where he got his confidence back with an average of 2.2 increasing to almost 8 points per match in 1983 when the London Road Stadium was sold for development.
He joined Hackney in 1984 where he had some success, he retired in 1985 after trying to keep a job as well as riding but was talked back into racing for Rye House in 1986, after a brief spell for Hackney again in 1988 he finally hung up his leathers.


Paul no works as a tiler, living in East Sussex.

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