Barry Duke


Full name: Barry Francis Duke
Birthplace: Hampstead, London, UK
Birthdate: 28th August 1948

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Career Record with Cradley

Year Mat Rid Poi Bon Total Aver

[Taken from the Cradley Speedway Riders Database includes all matches]
photos courtesy of Speedway Star Magazine



Barry was one of the best pupils of the 1967-1968 training school at Swindon so in 1968 he joined Weymouth in BL2, he made his debut against Crayford in June and scored a full maximum. He ended the season with an average of 7.58.
He was re-called by the Robins in 1969 for the full season getting a respectable BL1 average of 4.77, Barry stayed at the Abbey Stadium for the full 1970 season and upped his average to 5.26, however after just 3 matches in 1971 he fell out with the management at Swindon.

Barry was allocated to the Heathens by Rider-Control in June and spent less than a season with Cradley, and left at the end of August to join West Ham.
During his spell with the Heathens long haired Barry's best score was actually his last with 7 points and a bonus against Halifax on 23rd August.
Despite racing for 5 different tracks after leaving Cradley including a full season at Newport he was unable to re-capture his earlier form and drifted into retirement in 1975.

  Barry Duke Portrait


Barry attended the riders reunion in November 1999, and happily proved that his hair is just as long as it ever was! :o)

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