Bent Rasmussen


Full name: Bent Rasmussen
Birthplace: Herning, Denmark.
Birthdate: 13th July 1957.


British League Record with Cradley
         M   R    Pts   B   Tot      cma
1981:   30  109   103  25   128  ... 4.70


Bent Rasmussen

Bent Rasmussen joined Cradley from Kings Lynn at the beginning of the 1981 season and eventually rode in all 30 league matches of the championship winning season. It has to be said that the majority of critics laughed at the transfer move by team manager Peter Adams to bring in the little-rated Dane. Teenager Craig Featherby was released by the Heathens to move in the opposite direction, in return for Rasmussen and a nice little cheque from Kings Lynn.

Now statistics will tell you that Bent's league average was actually slightly less than the 5.03 he arrived with, although his green sheet average remained fairly stable. Supporters, however, will tell you how he slotted in perfectly as one of the final pieces of the jigsaw to produce a 1-7 which would bring the league title to Dudley Wood for the very first time.

Rasmussen started the season in explosive style at reserve, scoring 10+1 on his debut against Sheffield and then 11+2 the following week at Birmingham in what was to be his best away performance. He moved up to number two in the main body of the team at the end of May, and two weeks later clocked up another 11 point haul with another 3 bonus points to record his best score for the Heathens. By this time the club were on a roll and on their way to eventually winning a staggering 26 out of 30 league matches. Bent remained in the top five of the team for the rest of the season, including playing his part in the 52-26 televised August drubbing of Coventry at Brandon.

The big scores were less evident towards the end of the season, and naturally the massively improved team had to be broken up once November came around. Rasmussen was always one of the most likely to be released as Cradley kept hold of their big guns and once again tried to restructure the bottom end with new talent. He is remembered as one of Peter Adams' shrewdest signings and will always have the league champions medal to prove it.

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