Finn Jensen


Full name: Finn Rune Jensen
Birthplace: Haderslev, Denmark.
Birthdate: 9th January 1957.




1984 58 206 249 23 272 5.28
1985 55 180 211 19 230 5.11


Finn came to Dudley Wood in time for the 1984 season with an 'unpredictable' tag firmly established. Unfortunately he left the club after 2 seasons with this reputation enhanced. Finn achieved a 5.08 average in 1984 and a 5.41 average in 1985, however the manner in which he achieved these averages explain why in an era of Gundersen, King, Cross and Pedersen he is still one of the most talked about Cradley riders in the Deeley household!

His average was achieved by either winning races comfortably or coming last embarrassingly. In 1984, the year the exclusion for tape touching rule was bought in, Finn would often replace Erik in heat one (it took a long time before Erik mastered this new rule, or was he trying to get the team average down?!). Finn would often come in and blow away the opposition number one and stroll to the 3 points. He would then come out in heat 2 against the oppositions reserves and look as though this was his first time on a speedway bike, trundling round at the back barely able to muster a broadslide! I remember at Brandon, Coventry, he once gated and was clear in first place. He spent the remainding 3 3/4 laps looking over his shoulder, throttling on and off until he was passed by all 3 riders and came in last! Watching Finn race could be an incredibly frustrating experience!

The major memory I have of Finn is his away debut at Belle Vue in the first leg of the 1984 Premiership in what remains for me the greatest club meeting i have ever been to. Our 1983 team had been decimated by the average rule and the '84 Aces were being feted by the speedway press as the all conquering team for that year. Finn top scored for Cradley with 10 points from 5 rides with 3 glorious wins ,a third and a last (this inconsistency would be something we would get used too!) in a fantastic 40-38 win. For his role in that fantastic evening he will forever be remembered fondly by this ageing Heathen!

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