Geoff Bennett


Full name: Geoff Edwin Bennett
Birthplace: Harbourne, Birmingham
Birthdate: 24th February 1924


Geoff Bennett Action


Career Record with Cradley

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Geoff Bennett had his first taste of speedway in Italy while serving for the Royal Corps of Signals.  Birmingham promoter Les Marshal was after Geoff as soon as he was discharged from the forces.  He joined the famous training school at Birmingham in 1946 he was quickly bought in to the inexperienced Cradley side when they opened in 1947.  He made an impressive debut at Plymouth scoring 10 points and leading the Heathens to a two point win.  Geoff was robbed of a maximum at the first home meeting on June 21st 1947 when he had an engine failure.  In the next match Geoff took the track record with a time of 81.4 seconds and became the first rider to break the 80 second barrier in July.
Les Marshall soon noticed that Geoff was turning into a star rider and moved him back to Birmingham for the 1948 season.
In 1949 Birmingham were in the First Division and Geoff was riding against the top riders in the world and holding his own and in 1950 only Graham Warren outscored him in the Brummies team.
He badly broke his leg in Ireland in 1951 and never rode for the Brummies.  He approached Les Marshall at the start of the 1952 season but competition for team places was immense and he moved back to Cradley, however he was not the Geoff Bennett of old and retired from speedway at the end of the season.

[thanks also to Pete Foster for research]



Good to see Geoff still around and attending functions, he was last seen at Peter Foster's booklaunch where he was the star of the show, always ready to talk to supporters and answer questions.

Sadly Geoff passed away on 24th June 2014 three years after his beloved wife he was 90 years old


Geoff Bennett & wife Vicky


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