Jonathan Forsgren


Full name: Jonathan Forsgren
Birthplace: Karlstad, Sweden.
Birthdate: 12th June 1973


  Jonathan Forsgren Action


Career Record with Cradley

Year Mat Rid Poi Bon Total Aver

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[Average includes bonus points. CMA=
Races average  X 4
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Jonathan joined Cradley in June 1994, bought over from Sweden to replace the injured Morten Andersen who broke his arm in the Danish World Championship rounds.
His first match was a Challenge against a league select side, rode at reserve for three points. He soon became a popular Heathen though and in his next match against Kings Lynn he bagged his first two wins in the league.
It was not long however before he became a victim of the dreaded 1994 injury ravaged season.  On 24th September he injured his foot in the match against Wolves, he was out for two weeks, he was soon injured again though at Coventry on 11th October. He was soon to return though and finish the season.
He had shown during his first year what a good prospect he was and the 20 year old Swede was very popular with the fans.
He was signed up again for the 1995 season but even before the season started he was injured training!
He went on to pick up some more injuries during 1995 but still managed to score 191 points for the Heathens.

  Jonathan Forsgren Portrait
In 1996 he failed to agree terms for Cradley's year away at Stoke but carried on riding in Sweden, who knows he may have been one of Swedens super-stars if the Heathens had remained at Dudley Wood.


Jonathan retired from racing in 2002 and is now working as a trade union boss, living back in his home country and was married in Thailand in April 2012
He remains a devoted Heathens fan, proudly sporting a tatoo of the famous fist and ommer!


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