Full name: James A Pain
Birthplace: Bewdley, Worcestershire, England
Birthdate: 16th August 1927


Career Record with Cradley
[Taken from the Cradley Speedway Riders Database including all matches]

Year Mat Rid Poi  Bon Total Aver
1949 9 - 12 - 12 1.33
1950 11 - 23 - 23 2.09

Another product from Doug McLachlan's training school at Dudley Wood in 1948.  Made his debut for the Heathens against Norwich on 22nd April 1949, scored two points.  He only bettered that score twice in 1949 - at Newcastle on 25th April scoring three and at Dudley Wood versus Newcastle on 12th August when he picked up five.  Jim spent most of the season doing second half events.
He returned to the Heathens in 1950 and scored seven points on the opening meeting at Swindon on 25th March.  This turned out to be his best score for the Heathens.  He had quite a few oportunities in 1950 when Alan Hunt was injured but failed to make the grade and drifted out of the sport.


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