Jimmy Wright



Full Name:  Charles, James Wright
Birthdate: 28th January 1923
Birthplace: London, England


Year Mat Rid Poi Bon Total Aver
1947 36 - - - 247 6.86
1948 22 - - - 179 8.14
1950 1 - - - 1 -


Jimmy started his speedway career at Birmingham in 1946. He rode around a dozen matches for an average just under three points per match.  It was when Cradley opened in 1947 that he had his big break.
He was with the club almost from the start, Cradley's second match away at Tamworth in a challenge where he was joint top scorer with eleven points.
Jimmy went on to score four full maximums during the 1947 season.
In 1948 he improved his average by more than a point and some of his scores were outstanding, in home and away matches in May against Hull he scored 33 points!

Jimmy was lucky to escape a very serious accident in the Summer of '48.  It occurred in a match at Exeter, when the Devon track used to be very steeply banked. The home riders would shoot up the banking, virtually ricochet right off the fence and plough straight down again across the path of the opposition. In heat six of the match in question, Jimmy was leading the race along with Phil Malpass when his chain came off. Exeter's "Bronco" Stade was behind and charged down the banking of the third bend, right through Jimmy at full speed. He recovered, but only after closely escaping near-fatal injuries.


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