Full Name: Laurence Schofield
Bithdate: 18th June 1930
Birmingham, West Midlands



Year Mat Rid Poi Bon Total Aver
1950 15 - 59.5 - 59.5 3.97
1951 42 - 292.5 - 292.5 6.97
1952 4 - 10 - 10 2.50

[Statistics from the Cradley Speedway Database including all meetings]
{Bonus points not included in Totals or Average}


Another product from Les Marshall's training school, he joined Tamworth as a teenager in 1950 and went into the Hounds team as reserve. He made steady progress throughout the season and was being carefully watched by Marshall who had controlling interests in Cradley and Birmingham as well as Tamworth.

Laurie was promoted to The Heathens side in September 1950 and again steadily progressed for the last two months of the season, enough for the Heathens to bring him back for a full season in 1951.  He blew hot and cold in 1951 with scores as low as zero at Newcastle and as high as twelve at Glasgow and Liverpool, nevertheless he was a good second heatleader for Cradley behind Gil Craven and one of the brightest prospects in the Second Division.

1952 was a more than a bit of a let-down, starting off with the Heathens with four matches in April then moving to Birmingham for another five matches in the remainder of the season but after a crash at Harringay where Laurie recieved sever concussion he decided to hang up the leathers on his short career.


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