Paul Church

Full name: Paul Church
Hamilton, New Zealand
4th March 1956




Career Record with Cradley
[Taken from the Cradley Speedway Riders Database including all matches]
Year Mat Rid Poi  Bon Total Aver
1976 4 9 0 0 0 0




Paul was a New Zealander who had a good winter there in 1975/6 and came to help Bruce Cribb. He had some good results in the second halves at Dudley Wood, winning his first couple of rides.
On 10th July he was plunged into the team at Belle Vue replacing the off-form Nigel Wasley. However after four matches he failed to score and retired from racing saying he couldn't afford the equipment to compete at this level.
He continued to help Bruce Cribb as mechanic for the rest of the season.


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