Ralph Waller


Full name: Ralph John Waller
Birthplace: London, UK.
Birthdate: 1st October, 1949.




Year Match Rides Points Bonus Total Aver
1971 2 6 1 0 1 0.66
[Taken from the Cradley Speedway Riders Database]


Also rode for Swindon, Oxford and Peterborough


Ralph Waller started his speedway in 1968 and many of his first rides came at his then local track Swindon. He gained experience around the training schools and made some appearances at Dudley Wood in the second halves.

He won the Ivor Hughes Memorial Trophy in 1971, the year he made his only two full appearances in the Cradley team. The Heathens had suffered a few injuries late on in the season, most notably to Jimmy Squibb and Mick Handley, so they held a run-off ahead of the September clash with Newport to see who would get the final team spot. Ralph won, defeating Gerald Smitherman, Richard Eslick and J.Bradley to take up his place, and Cradley went on to win the meeting 40-37.

His only other appearance turned out to be in the away leg of the Knock Out Cup Final against Hackney, but he failed to score and the Heathens were defeated 51-27.

Waller also rode for Swindon, Oxford and Peterborough in his short career, but was forced to retire in 1972 after a second operation on a reccurring shoulder injury.

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