Peter Ravn


Full name: Peter Ravn
Birthplace: Bogense, Denmark.
Birthdate: 16th March 1962.


Peter Ravn is the man referred to as the 'final piece of the jigsaw' that turned the 1983 Cradley team into the ultimate dream team. Signed from Belle Vue, Ravn joined Jan O.Pedersen to give us a pretty unique pair of seven point average reserves. Naturally, the team cleaned up in the league and took the Knock Out Cup as well for good measure.

Peter had joined in the early part of that '83 season, but was to leave again at the end when the team had to be dismantled to comply with the maximum points limit. He went on to ride for Wolves, Belle Vue again, Coventry and Arena Essex.


Peter now lives and works in Brisbane, Australia. Dave Gambrill tells me that the ex-Heathen, Wolf and Coventry Bee now owns a machine shop where he machines racing cams as a speciality. He and his family are generally very well, but Peter has suffered from headaches for over five years since the crash which caused his premature retirement from the sport.

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