Full name:
Thomas Andrew Perry
Albrighton, Nr Wolverhampton.
22nd February 1993






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Taken from the Cradley Heath Speedway Database - includes ALL matches
Year Mat Rid Poi Bon Total Aver
2010 24 115 172 28 200 6.96
2011 29 127 186 28 214 6.74
2012 22 103 242 12 254 9.86
2014 26 107 209 26 235 8.78
2017 19 95 209 13 222 9.34

National Shield winner 2011, 2014 (Dudley / Cradley) 2016 (Bham)
National League winner medal 2014 (Cradley)
2015 and 2016 (Bham)
National League KO Cup winners medal 2014 (Cradley)
National League Fours 2014 (Cradley) and 2015 (Bham)



The last piece of the Dudley Heathens jigsaw for 2010 signed in February 2010 with 3.00 point average to join James Sarjeant at reserve, at 17 years old.
Tom began racing at 6 years old on the grass, he enjoyed many club victories in grasstrack events with his best when he was crowned British 125cc Youth Champion in 2006.  He really came into his own in 2009 with second place in the British Championship Finals 250cc and third place 350cc.  He also claimed fourth position in the British under 21 Championship and at 16 years old became the youngest ever rider to compete in the 500cc British Masters Championship having already won the qualifier, and he went on to finish fifth in the Final at St Agnes Cornwall on 20th September.

Despite his lack of experience on shale, Perry began the season strongly, notching 6+3 points in the Heathens’ historic opening meeting against the USA Dream Team at Birmingham’s Perry Barr Stadium on 7 April. He then performed even better in the side’s first league match, tallying an excellent 10+3 points versus Buxton the following week at Monmore Green Stadium on 13 April.
In June he won the British Under-21 Grass-track Championship.
Last match of the season Tom crashed in his first ride at Buxton in the Play-Off semi-final and fractured his wrist.
He deserved the presentation of the Ivor Hughes Trophy at Cradley Heath Liberal Club in October for Rider of the Year.
A remarkable season for a newcomer at speedway with his best scores of 13 at Plymouth in June and against Weymouth in September at Perry Barr.

In February 2011 he signed for another season and also pledged his future to the Heathens by signing a full professional contract with the club with former Heathens Anthony Boyd and Mark Robinson coming to the rescue with transport arrangements.  His average was again just under 7 points but was quickly getting a reputation for being a racer, regularly coming from the back to score his points.  He had a nasty crash at Belle Vue in July, he was taken to hospital for X-rays but fortunately was able to travel back to the Midlands later.

2012 was Tom's best year so far he upped his average to 9.86 for all matches with some remarkable scores with a particularly good run starting on 17th June with 13+1 from 5 riders at Buxton - 14+1 paid max against Buxton at Monmore Green, 21st July 14 from 6 rides at Stoke, 14 from 5 rides on 24th July against Isle of Wight and on 7th August 15+1 from 6 rides at Stoke.
Unfortunately for Tom, a victim of his own success had too high an average to fit into the Heathens side in 2013 and was loaned to Isle of Wight for the year.
He was signed again in 2014 to win so many trophies which he so deserved.
In 2015 Tom joined Birmingham in the National League. He won a National League title with the Brummies in 2015 and 2016. Tom also doubled up with Peterborough and Berwick in the Premier League.

He rejoined the Heathens as captain in 2017 doubling up with Glasgow where he rode 28 matches in the Championship League for an average of 4.50.
At Cradley he proved to be a great captain, starting the season with a 15 point max against Kings Lynn (which was deleted from the official stats when Kings Lynn withdrew from the League.
He had to wait until August for his next 5 ride max though against Belle Vue Colts. He came close with paid maximums against Stoke and the following match at Kent with 13+2 and 14+1 respectively.
Easily Cradleys Number one rider and was voted Rider of the Year by the fans in October.


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