Watney Mann Trophy

The Watney Mann Trophy ran for 5 years from 1970 to 1974. Though the 1974 was rained off. Watney Mann were a local brewery who sponsored the event.  It ran four individual meetings and one Best Pairs.

1970 Bernt Persson 13 Bob Kilby 13 Ray Wilson 12
1971 Ivan Mauger 15/Eric Broadbelt 10 Ray Wilson 18/John Boulger 6 Terry Betts 11/Malcolm Simmons 6
1972 Ole Olsen 14 Ray Wilson 14 Terry Betts 13
1973 Soren Sjosten 12 Alan Wilkinson 12 Gary Middleton 12
1974 -------------------------------Rained off--------------------------

1970 winner

1971 Ivan Mauger/Eric Broadbelt

1972 Winner Ole Olsen

1973 Winner Soren Sjosten

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